Terroir Talking by Elizabeth Hecker

My name is Elizabeth Hecker. I am the founder, curator and in most cases photographer for this project. As a graphic designer working with wineries for more than twenty years, I had the opportunity to learn about varieties and the uniqueness of each property, from soil and climate to viticulture. What I learned, and sensed, from standing in the vineyards and talking one to one with the proprietors and their winemakers inspired the work I did for them and me!

Wine seemed to be magic, infused with history, culture and sensory expression waiting to be given form. I believed that it was an intuitive connection with the vines that enabled winemakers to make wine. Each project had a real story, with history and dreams attached.

My curiosity continued, driven by an elusive desire to know the life within wine. I attended as many international wine tastings as I could to experience even more. One day I tasted a wine from the Priorat. It spoke to me! It compelled me to see the region for myself. What was waiting for me there was not only an extraordinary wine culture but also a force of nature so powerful it changed the course of my life. I photographed the vineyards of each village in every season. Sitting alone in the vineyards, hearing only the sound of the air and the occasional bird singing, sensing the multitude of fractured pieces of ancient schist supporting my place on the Earth — this was the genesis of Terroir Talking.

My experiences in wine regions around the world have given me a vast library of stories and images to provide content for print and online publications. I am also available for commissions to explore other regions and create intelligent compelling storytelling about the life within wine. For more information please visit heckerworldwide.com or feel free to contact me directly.

Terroir Talking by Elizabeth Hecker | Terroir Talking