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Terroir Talking strives to encourage a healthy relationship between people and nature through wine. Reflections is a library of short stories and images, a journey of the senses, combined to inspire new ways to think about life and wine. The images can also be enjoyed on their own by browsing the VISUAL LIBRARY.

The Wine of Life

Dec 2016
Close up of wine legs

As we know, the existence of wine dates back at least 8,000 years to Neolithic times. Fermented grape juice residue has been found in ceramic jars in Shulaveri in present-day Georgia (from about 6000 BCE) and Tepe in the Zagros Mountains of present-day Iran (5400–5000 BCE).

Giving Form to the Formless

Nov 2016
Colorful fall vines coming into focus

The language of the senses is not communicated through words. We try so hard to find the right nouns and adjectives to express a flavor, a smell, a memory, but, as Hugh Johnson so aptly put it, “words follow lumberingly after the clear, precise, yet indefinable impressions of the tongue.” Wine speaks in a language that has no form.

The Alchemy of Wine

Sep 2016
Wine fermenting

Before modern science there was alchemy, a tradition that, among other goals, aimed to change one thing into another more valuable. Although we know that science is at the heart of the transformation of grape to wine, there is also a kind of alchemy taking place. The life force of the vine produces fruit that becomes wine, still breathing, evolving.

The Great Work

May 2016

A VOICE: “Look up, look up, / prepare the way / the infinite descent / A breath in air / floating down / Glory to …” This is what the angel said in Tony Kushner’s play Angels in America. She announced herself “I, I, I, I”: the manifestation of four divine emanations — Fluor, Phosphor, Lumen and Candle — all elements of light, theoretically enlightenment.

Trusting Your Inner Expert

Apr 2016

My friends like to defer to me as some kind of wine expert, but the truth is I am constantly learning from them. And this is a big part of what makes wine so exciting to me. Everyone likes wine for their own reasons and everyone experiences something unique in the wines they like.

An Invitation from Nature

Mar 2016

The vines spoke to me and said, “Sit; be with us. Let us tell you a story about life. Ours tells of hopes, dreams and sorrows, and it echoes with the history that courses through our veins. We are a reflection of life you can sense: silence, the wind, the patience of time. We are a journey into the earth in search of nourishment that is ours as much as it is yours.

The Dark and Light of It

Feb 2016
Terroir Talking about the light and dark of wine.

Imagine yourself inside a beautiful baroque theatre, waiting for the curtain to rise. The lights have dimmed, the doors have closed and you are surrounded by darkness. In this mysterious place, you cannot see but you can sense all the shapes, colors and textures within the depths of blackness.

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