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The goal of Terroir Talking is to promote awareness of people’s relationship to nature through wine. This section is dedicated to keeping up with our latest ventures, including updates on Ethos Priorat projects, Shop Terroir events and other upcoming endeavors. Be the first to know by signing up to receive our news.

Terroir Talking Explores Greece

Jul 2016

The wines of Greece have always intrigued me because they seem to epitomize how a region’s cuisine evolves with its wines. I have read that there are more than 300 autochthonous grape varieties in Greece—an overwhelming number—but when I heard that only four of these have been granted protected designation of origin status, this was a number I could plan an investigation around.

Shop Terroir & Conservation International

Apr 2016

Terroir Talking strives to encourage a healthy relationship between people and nature through our love of wine. Every month features new images and ideas that express the concept that nature has a story to tell, spoken in the language of the senses. No other element in the natural kingdom has the power to take us on a sensory journey as vividly as wine does.

Terroir Tasting the Noble One

Jan 2016
Terroir Talking Tasting Cabernet Sauvignon-The Noble One

This year’s Terroir Talking Tasting in Singapore was quite different from the previous year’s, thanks to the participation of Singapore’s newest wine bar, La Terre, and its creator and master sommelier, Daisuke Kawai. Terroir Talking’s Elizabeth Hecker presented an overview of each wine as Daisuke-san’s acute palate guided the tasting.

Terroir Talking Tasting: Cabernet Sauvignon

Oct 2015

At the center of a great wine is the fruit, the grape variety that gives it a core structure. Overlaid on that is an array of soils, climates and choices of man that contribute to the expression of aromas and flavors in the wines the grapes become.

Ethos Priorat: The Next Chapter

Oct 2015

When I first tasted a Priorat wine, a vivid image of the landscape appeared in my mind’s eye like never before, and I realized that sensing place in wine is real. No other wines in the world speak more vividly than the wines from the Priorat. The Priorat has taken me on a journey: It inspired me to delve deeply into its land, its heritage and its wines. Energized!

Sep 2015 is back! And it is optimized to make the viewing experience much faster than before. True to its origin, it can be read in Catalan as well as in English. It is also completely responsive on tablets (unfortunately the contents are too complex to squeeze into phones).

Spotlight on Wine Life

May 2015

True to its core values, Terroir Talking presents “Spotlight,” monthly profiles that focus on the relationship between humans and nature inside wine. The first Spotlight highlighted winemaker Alvaro Palacios of Spain.

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