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In this section terroir is truly talking. Features presents investigations into intriguing elements of terroir including distinctive appellations, soil types, climates and wine cultures, as well as recipes from time to time. This section also reports on special events in keeping with the Terroir Talking focus on nature, wine and life.

Surfing Terroir

Dec 2016
The relationship of terroir to wine and surfing

Shining the spotlight on Eben Sadie was no easy task. He is a seeker, and understanding him demands a willingness to go deeply into all that we believe about life, because for him those depths are connected, part of the “reality of all things.” For example, while winemaking is what Eben is best known for, surfing remains a big part of his life.

Ode to Santorini’s Assyrtiko

Aug 2016
Santorini emerges out of the sea

“Out of the bowels of the thunder you came / Shuddering with the irresolute clouds / Stone of bitterness, tempered, arrogant / Where hope is carved out of the deep secrets of your heart / With fire, with lava, with smoke / With words that illumine the infinite / You brought forth the voice of the day / You felt the joy of creation / You surged into the world, firstborn, / Born into the purple,

Wine of the Deep Dark Sea

Aug 2016
Gaia Wines Assytriko aged under the Aegean Sea for five years

Submerged wine aging has become a bit of a trend. Winemakers all over the world are experimenting with the idea, some personalizing it with their own concepts: submerged metal cages, ceramic amphora around each bottle, cement-lined barrels. Others just submerge the wines in giant vats kept on land.

Xinomavro [ Ksee no' ma vro ]

Jul 2016

Xinomavro, one of the autochthonous Greek varieties, defies pronunciation unless you have a good teacher (see Apostolos Thymiopoulos video below). In Greek, xino means “acid” and mavro means “black,” but the translation bears no resemblance to the wines that Xinomavro becomes today, except that they still have a strong acidic nature.

Sensuous Syrah

Feb 2016
Terroir Talking features Syrah

Syrah is red — really, really red. Deep, dark, sensuous, sanguine red. The blood of life, the voice of nature, rapture in wine. The luscious depths that define Syrah are like a mingling of the sexes: Its masculine tannic body is perfumed with feminine nuances, like violets and chocolate, swirling through seductive dark fruit.

Loving Grenache

Dec 2015
Terroir Talking features Grenache

Grenache, as this delicate grape is called in French, is believed to have come from the Kingdom of Aragon, where she was known as Tinto Aragonés (red of Aragon). Ampelography indicates that she spread to other regions within Spain, where she has many names including Garnacha; to Italy, where she is known as Cannonau; and to France.

Gaspatxo de Cal Joc

Aug 2015

In August, tomatoes fill the gardens in the Northern Hemisphere and tease our palettes with the many delicious culinary creations they can become, from a simple salad of heirloom tomatoes with goat cheese and herbs to the famed gazpacho of Spain.

Espai Priorat 2015

Jul 2015

Espai — in Catalan it means a space, distance or period in time. On May 25, 2015, fifty or so wine buyers, critics and sommeliers from the most prestigious restaurants in the world arrived in the Priorat to experience first hand what the espai of the Priorat is all about.

The RAW London Report

Jun 2015

Raw means something natural, without having been processed. RAW is also the name of a natural wine fair designed by Isabelle Legeron to celebrate small artisanal wines made from grapes grown biodynamically, or at least organically, and vinified with minimal intervention in the cellar.

Robotic Winemaking?

Apr 2015

Robotic optical grape sorting was recently evaluated by some of California’s top winemakers, as reported by winesandvines.com. The machines are programmed to find the less-than-perfect grapes, replacing the touch of human hands.

Celebrating Past And Present

Oct 2014

Vintage 2014 celebrates the 25th vintage of the new reign of the Priorat in the international wine scene, thanks to René Barbier and his group of intrepid friends. But René is the first to remind the world that families like Barril, Peyre and Cecilio were bottling wines long before 1990 and the Carthusians were making wine centuries before that.

Priorat Inspired Lemon Cake Recipe

Jul 2014

The Priorat is an inspiring place. It inspires great wines, dreams, chocolates in the form of the llicorella soils, and … cake! For the Priorat launch of EthosPriorat.com, I decided to bake the cakes—ten of them. I am not a good traditional Priorat cook, so I came up with my own recipes, adapting them to be more Priorat.

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