Ethos Priorat

Ethos Priorat is the first project to be produced by Terroir Talking. It takes visitors on an experience that embodies everything that Terroir Talking stands for, one in which nature is the protagonist and survival is the reward. Ethos Priorat is a journey into the soul of wine, a story told through a wine region named by the Carthusian monks centuries ago. Prosperity in the region has ebbed and flowed over time, defined by its wines, because the people are inextricably connected to their land as is the land to them.

Ethos Priorat tells its story through vivid photography, videos, interactivity and thoroughly researched yet poetic prose. Every detail of the region, including the history, soil, climate, biodiversity, viticulture, winemakers and winemaking, as well as the taste of the wines, is expressed within its pages. We believe that by revealing all that lives inside a glass of Priorat wine we will encourage people to wonder about the same things when they taste wines from other regions. Digital and hardbound book versions are coming soon.


Ethos Priorat | Terroir Talking